Pedigree for CH El Shetlajas Macy of Windy Valley
Persian Female - Brown Patched Tabby and White
CFA Registration Number: 1187-1673036
DOB: 7/1/09



CH Planet Love's Snowstorm
Cream White

CH Harwood John Boy of Planet Love
Cream White

GC Harwood Renoir
Cream White
Harwood Pia
Dilute Calico Van
Planet Love's Dream Come True
Dilute Calico
Caprimoon Blue Chip of Planet Love
Blue White Van

Marada's Angel Eyes of Planet Love
Cream White

CH Fanny's Home Kyra of El Shetlajas
Brown Cl Tabby White

Brettonpark Colani
Blue Cl Tabby White

CH Bocasana's Tiny Tim
Cream White

CH Brettonpark Mame
Blue Tabby White Van

Ocalicos Maria of Fanny's Home
Brown Cl Tabby White Van

GC Pajean Alligator Niney of Ocalicos
Black White

CH Pajean's Deliah of Caprimoon
Blue Patched Tabby White