Welcome to Windy Valley Persians. We specialize in Solids and Parti-colors.

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My name is Kelley Phillips and I have a small cattery in the beautiful windy valley of Murrieta, California, located between San Diego and Riverside County. It is important to me to breed for quality and health not quantity. I started breeding in 2000 and began showing in 2002, both for the fun and love of the Persian breed. My cattery is registered with CFA. My goal is to raise healthy outgoing kitties with a sweet open expression that meets the CFA standards. I am proud to say my cattery is FELV, DNA/PKD negative.

I am proud of my cats and I want to show my appreciation to each person who has helped me put my cattery together with cats, pedigrees, and support. I am so thankful to the many wonderful breeders that have entrusted me with their beautiful cats. My “babies” would not exist without them. I also must express my gratitude to my wonderful husband, Robert, who has patience galore and must love me a ton to allow me the time I give to my precious cats. He has built incredible cat areas so my males and females can have their own space. For someone who said, “ABSOLUTELY NO CATS”, he now has a bed and house full. Many thanks are also given to my four daughters Kyra, Jenna, Tessa and Krista. They help love and care for all our kitties. I could not do this without them.

We are quite honored that 4 of our special little blessings recently starred in a Hardees restaurant commercial. Check our Gallery page for details and pictures of the kittens.

Please enjoy your visit through my website and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. May God Bless You.

~Kelley Phillips~